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    Hua-Hin, Prachapkhirikhan
    77110 Thailand
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Dear Valued Customers,

Mike & Co Tailor, would like to thank you all for your kind continuous support over
the past years and we hope that we will be able to serve you even better in the years to
come. We understand that distance has always been our main barrier and that we have
been able to serve you only during your visit to Hua Hin.

As part of our service expansion we would like to announce that from now onwards
our service will be available to you from your home as well. To make this happen we
are considering a visit to your home and you will be able to order our products right
from there. Therefore to make this happen we would appreciate your participation as
well. Please write back to us if you are interested and we will provide you with the
date and time of our visit in our next email.

Please pass this information to your friends and family as well. We appreciate your
efforts in recommending us.

Private meeting at company office or at home can also be arranged if there are above
10 customers. If you can do so please e-mail us directly to
We have special offer for the host.

Thank you for the time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Thakuri

Mike & Co. Tailor
Examples of some of the prices are:
All suits, sport coats and top coats are hand-made with top quality stitching, clients name
embroided inside the jacket, coat and shirts with monograms (optional) at no extra cost.
Our prices are inclusive of import duty, taxes and delivery anywhere in Europe
Please email us for exact location and time.
E-mail :
To make our visit worthwhile we request you to read the choices below and reply us accordingly.

CHOICE A (Office or Company Visit)
             For office/companies visit minimum order must be 19700 SKr or above.
             Please tell you staffs or friends to make this visit worthwhile

             For company visit we prefer to make it during the morning or afternoon of working days.

CHOICE B (Home visit)
             For personal home visit our minimum order must be 9850 SKr or above. If
             less, you can ask your relatives or friends to join in.

             For home visit we prefer to make the visit in the evening where we will be able
             to see you at your home.
CHOICE C (Hotel visit)
             For customers less than 9850 SKr We will arrange a meeting at the hotel
             where all of you can come and make your order. We will let you know about
             the time by phone or email.

             For customers wanting to visit us at the hotel we prefer to make it during the
             weekends where you will be able to visit us all day.

Please email us your address and contact phone no. and we will contact back to you.
Please mention the CHOICE in your email.

Our arrival date in Denmark is MID AUGUST 2010 . Let us know immediately.
When you send email to us please follow the guidelines below.
Don't forget to mention your "CHOICE"

    Once we receive your details, we will be in contact with you at the earliest possible to make an appointment during our visit to your city.

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