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Handicraft Center The Best of handicrafts (OTOP)

Comprising of 400 sq. meters the area houses all kinds of handicrafts from all over Thailand. This is like a one stop shopping place where you will be able to buy almost everything, especially those that are handmade. All items of handicrafts are unique and outstanding, not only for home decor but also perfect for gifts, hobbies, collections and office decoration. Almost all the products are made from natural resources with a Thai touch.

My Vision, My Mission

“In my view, a good-looking dressing style emboldened in high quality clothes will affect the wearer's personality which is one vital part for successful achievement in work. For our shop, we have our own in-house tailor workshop with world class expert tailors. Consequently, quality and work processes can be controlled and supervised closely. Each step of our process, from the selection of quality raw materials to fabrication through our state-of-the-art machines, supports the highest quality standards attainable in our industry. We put our full effort into delivering the very best product in to our customer's hands punctually. At the same time we continually develop our workmanship techniques to stay abreast with new fashion trends. We strongly believe that we must continue to focus on retaining our qualified personnel, for only they can create world class products that meet our industry-leading standards.

We deliberately select the highest grade fabrics in Thailand (and overseas) along with highest quality accessories from England and Italy. Manual stitching of clothes makes our suits delicate, durable and attractive. If you love to wear a suit, you will quickly come to appreciate and comprehend our elaboration for details. It makes a difference”
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