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Made to Measure

Welcome to Our Fashion Gallery

The interior design and decoration of Mike & Co Tailor shop is in a traditional, Old-English style motif. Our spacious showroom of 400 square meters is well allocated with a commanding reception area and adequate private comfortable fitting rooms. The showroom is opened between 9.00 am. – 9.00 pm. A free van service is also provided to shuttle our customers from their accommodations to our shop. When visiting us, you will receive the personal attention from our skilful designers and professional tailors who will assist you to

-discuss what type of suit you are looking for and it's use

-select which type of style and fit would be most suitable for you

-select the fabric and color that make you look absolutely best

Our highest grade fabrics with large selection and updated collection and colors, varieties of wool, linen, silk, cotton and cashmere are imported directly from Italy, England and Germany in order to create the finest garments that posses the unique richness of style and good taste to meet the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Dress for Success

Starting from the detailed measurement of our customer, we closely monitor and control every step in our process in order to produce the highest quality suits and pants. This principle and the impeccable style and quality are now set to spread worldwide. Today Mike & Co Tailor's reputation has brought many customers back again and again. Many of our distinguished customers include celebrities in high society, businessmen and VIP's from foreign countries, to include football star David Beckham and the President of Finland. These world class people strongly realize the importance of creating the right images and making new impression. They are proud to wear a suit that is handcrafted with the finest quality material from inside out. They put their trust in our workmanship and feel confident to allow us to fulfill their needs. Besides the luxurious look that upholds their distinct personalities, these astute customers understand the importance of choosing the right method of patterning and tailoring. We initially help them get “educated” in the process of making their garment and they reciprocate by communicating their wants and desires in a surprisingly creative fashion.

The Perfect Fit and Comfort

The proper fit tailor-made suit starts with taking personal measurements and figurations details from customers. Then a personal pattern will be made and cut, unlike those simply adjust to the basic pattern. A well fitted suit is a good overall balance to all related part of the body, no man is average. The proper fit is the most important and can be delivered only from the good combination of accurate measurements and tailoring craftsmanship. Every cut, every seam specifically to fit body and are meant to be comfortable to wear as well.

Our tailoring process is only one important step in producing the great-looking suits that meet the customers' satisfaction. Elaborate, state-of-the-art processing is also needed to provide new techniques to stay up with the global changes in the fashion world. We do all this while maintaining our traditional old English style in harmonized popular designs.

Additionally, our distinctive techniques in laying pattern, selecting fabrics, forming designs and an uncommon attention to detail are key elements in assuring that we produce the most comfortable suit you have ever worn. We promise it.

Punctuality is Important

Customers accept and trust our reputation because we deliver the right products on time. Punctuality is important to us. We are ready to serve our customers, knowing that many of them have a time limit on their vacation period. Our tailoring team of 50 professional tailors are experts in all aspects of our trade. Sleeves, body or collar, manual stitching, vaporized ironing and performance checking get the closest quality control to meet the high international standards that we maintain. For example, we have the capacity to take your measurements in the morning and deliver your complete made-to-order suit or pants that night. And we do it right the first time.

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